Masks of Nyarlathotep

Art Thieves

Fenced in

February 17

The party followed up on another of Mahoney’s leads by investigating the painter, Miles Shipley. He lived with his mother in a dilapidated old house in Soho. They were eager to sell a painting, but the party was mainly just disturbed by the work. There were several otherworldly creatures in the paintings. Many of the paintings seemed to focus on serpent people and suggested some kind of ancient war with humans. A few paintings dealt with flying serpents. One portrayed several people on a mountaintop worshipping an enormous creature with a long red tentacle in place of a head. The people wore the headbands of the cult of the bloody tongue. Two of the paintings concerned some kind of creature that stalks people in the fog but hates the light.

Miles said he painted from visions but the party was unable to determine where the visions came from.

The group was very interested in a locked door in the studio. They later snuck up to the roof via some neighboring buildings. Ion noticed a man watching from the street. At night, they saw Miles walk away from the house. Doris tailed him to a brothel where he procured an escort for the evening. Meanwhile, Ion and Anthony broke into the studio via the skylight. In the closet they found another painting of a swampy landscape. They stole the painting, but when they looked at it in the light of a streetlamp, Anthony was pulled into the painting. Neal, found this so disturbing that he stomped on the painting, destroying it with Anthony still trapped inside. The group saw the man from earlier watching and so they confronted him. It turned out to be Monty Hayes, an undercover agent from Scotland Yard who has been posing as a cultist for years. He had followed the group from Scotland. He knew they were snooping around, that they’d broken into the MacBain house and somehow destroyed Craigh Dhubh. He’s now been watching them and thinks their investigation is probably linked with his.



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