Masks of Nyarlathotep

Finding Kakakatak

October 26
The party continued down into the dark caverns beneath the Great Sandy Desert. Approaching the string of lights running through the abandoned streets of a ruined cyclopean city, the party realized that there are human patrols of these lit paths but that those patrols don’t stray beyond the light, possibly for fear of things lurking in the darkness. The party turned off their headlamps.

As the party debated what to do, a loud bang came from the entry tunnel, accompanied by a growing whistling. Shortly after, a loud bang of smashing rock came from the north. When a light approached from the south, the party hid and saw a work detail pass by to clear the new northern collapse. Two of the detail had weapons, the rest seemed dazed and silently followed orders. A flying creature charged out of the darkness into the street, barely visible at the edge of the light. Pausing, it turned to the north and flew after the noise of the work detail. Mahmoud and Doris followed the creature in time to see the detail leaders open fire at the creature with strange light guns. The creature responded with a wind attack that destroyed the rubble across the street, buildings to either side of the street. From the newly distributed rubble, beams of light continued shooting up at the creature. It sucked the two leaders up in the air, dropping one and consuming the other. The dropped worker, both legs broken, lay on the ground screaming, weapons forgotten. The creature flew on down the path, and the PCs could hear its blasts attacking something further on.

Mahmoud used first aid on the worker and tried to interrogate him to learn what he knew of the creatures and the expedition. The man said they were excavating the city, though he didn’t seem to know why. He also told Mahmoud and Doris how to use the light gun before dying. Subsequently, the PCs were able to find two surviving workers and commanded them to follow.

Meanwhile, Hank, Rita, and Smit continued to the south and found some kind of octagonal building with a moving floor that glowed with a soft blue light. They proceeded inside and saw that it had three unblocked exits. The southern exit was dark but the western exit was lit by another string of expedition lights. Continuing to the west, they found some kind of barracks before making camp behind a large pile of rubble to the northwest.

October 27
Following their footprints, Mahmoud and Doris were able to find the party in the morning. Rita’s true consciousness had seemingly returned. She said she had been lost in the same underground sandstone city for weeks but the city was alive with large alien creatures. Since Rita had been able to explore the city unencumbered, she was able to guide the party around the map even through the unlit zones, though she had no knowledge of recent modifications to the city.

She led the group to the great sleeper and then to the artifact room, which contained strange artifacts from many species, cultures, and times. Mahmoud got an extendable scythe and a strange box covered with flashing lights.

Proceeding to a small lit building, the group found a strange creature behind a trapped door. The creature spoke to Doris, Rita, and Smit through their thoughts. It asked to be released, and Smit was able to hotwire a metal box near the door to disable the trap. Having observed the group’s past in their minds, it introduced itself as Kakakatak, a scholar, and offered to help improve the group members’ pathetic scientific knowledge as a reward. Having been captured by Dr. Huston for several months, it had read his mind and was able to inform the party of his plans to open a gate which would usher in Nyarlathotep’s full form.

He also informed the party that Nyarlathotep was less of a problem than the pending return of great Cthulhu. While Nyarlathotep wanted to bring chaos and destruction to the earth in the future, Cthulhu was devoted to the destruction of the planet through all time. As a Yithian from the distant past, Kakakatak was much more concerned about the threat of Cthulhu than that of Nyarlathotep.

In order to open the gate to Nyarlathotep, the members of the Carlyle expedition intended to enact a huge sacrifice at the three corners of the gate (to strengthen it) at precisely the same time during the total eclipse when the barrier between planes was weakest. They then intended to set off a large (nuclear) bomb in the Indian Ocean as a catalyst to destroy the barrier between the planes and let Nyarlathotep’s true form in such that his powers would no longer be muted by the barrier.

The bomb is being constructed in Shanghai
Each sacrifice will be huge and require a powerful priest
Possible priests of Nyarlathotep:

  • Mukunga M’Dari (New York)
  • Edward Gavigan (UK)
  • Tewfik Al-Sayed (UK)
  • Dr. Henry Clive (Cairo)
  • Martin Winfield (Cairo)
  • Omar Shakti (Cairo)
  • Nitocris (European mainland / Middle East)
  • M’weru (Kenya)
  • The Spawn of Nyarlathotep (Kenya)
  • Tandoor Singh (Kenya)
  • Dr. Robert Huston (City of the Great Race)
  • Sir Aubrey Penhew (China)
  • Ho Fong (China)

The expedition has lost track of Jack Brady and Roger Carlyle and has death squads tracking them down

There is a group of individuals seeking to raise R’lyeh and awaken great Cthulhu. In order to stop Cthulhu from being woken, the group needs a Disk of R’lyeh and the Arc of Vlactos. The Arc is hidden somewhere in California. Any given disk of R’lyeh has the power to raise R’lyeh from the depths of the sea. When inserted into the Arc, a Disk has the power to prevent R’lyeh from raising or to sink it again for another several millenia. The combined artifact must be placed on the Blue Monolith and a certain phrase must be chanted. Kakakatak taught the party the chant, but he does not know where the Blue Monolith is. He suggested following those who are trying to raise R’lyeh.

In the meantime, Kakakatak loaded the party up with the strange alien light guns and taught the team how to use them (skill 50%, 4 shots/ea). Each member can carry at most 2 light guns due to their large size (think assault rifles).

At this point, the party felt a definite time crunch. Nyarlathotep’s gate will be opened on January 15. To stop it, the party must assassinate enough priests to ensure the gate cannot be opened, kill enough cultists that the sacrifices cannot be sufficiently large, or use the Eye of Light and Darkness to seal one of the three ritual sites. If the party can destroy the bomb, the ritual may not be successful, but the party is very afraid of Penhew in China given their previous experience with Gavigan. The Eye is being researched by Old Bundari and Okomu in Kenya, but the party doesn’t relish the idea of trying to install the Eye in the Mountain of the Black Wind after their last foray there.

The plan the party came up with is to try to kill or seal away enough of the Living Winds that the Mimi (the long-limbed humanoids from the Australian Dreamtime) will provide rapid transportation between Earth locations. Kakakatak will research the Living Wind invasion to determine where the invasion sites were. After that, the party will head to Kenya to hopefully pick up the Eye of Light and Darkness. They’ll bring it back to the City of the Great Race to install. They’ll then head to California to find the Arc, which they’ll use to prevent R’lyeh from raising before Cthulhu is woken and destroys the earth throughout all time. Easy.



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