Masks of Nyarlathotep

Going to a Dig site


March 12
The party makes their way to Scorpion street, which is a Bazaar. Arthur stops off at a tea shop and buys brings Turkish delights as a gift for Warren Bisart. They find him staying in the red ally at a clothing shop.

When they go in, the shop owner, Aboo claims not to know Warren Basart and then tries to sell Arthur a vest. Mahmood knows Aboo is lying about Warren and even notices the shop keeper glancing to the back of the store. (Mahmood has a check in psychology.)

Arthur keeps the Aboo busy while everyone investigates the area he was glancing at to find an archway. Behind the curtain is a small empty cot. Warren is hiding and cowering under the cot hiding. After they pull him out he keeps muttering in Arabic, “I never want to see them.” Flora tells him that “if he talks to us, we’ll make sure they won’t find him. Otherwise we’ll tell them where he are.” He is frantic but agrees. It seems he has an opium pipe and we send Mahmood to bring us some to try and calm him down.

After smoking some opium, Warren says he is hiding from “them,” some kind of monsters. He saw the creatures about 5 years ago when he was investigating the Carlisle expedition after they briefly disappeared and then re-appeared. When they came back, they seemed different. Jack Brady came to ask for Warren’s help and said the party went to the Bent Pyramid before disappearing and coming back. When the party was gone, the diggers fled the sight. When the Carlisle expedition returned the next day, they were excited about what they found, but wouldn’t say what they found.

After Jack left to go back, an old Egyptian woman said her son was one of the diggers and said that the Carlisle party had consorted with the messenger of the black wind and no longer had souls. For proof, Warren went to the pyramid when the moon is the slimmest. He saw 4 white robed figures, presumed to be Roger Carlyle, Hypatia Masters, Aubrey Penhew, and Robert Huston and an unknown robed Egyptian. They were surrounded by 100 madmen undulating toward the ruins which became a skeletal creature with bulging eyes. Then creatures came from the sand and ripped out the throats of the mad men. Another furry thing the size of an elephant with 5 heads, swallowed the creatures and the madmen in one gulp. After seeing this, Warren fainted. When he woke, he wandered into the desert and saw a thousand black sphinxes and fainted again for several months. A man found him and he and his mother cared for Warren for 2 years. After hearing his story, the party leaves and prepares to go south to visit the dig sites.

March 13
In the morning, the party hires 2 taxi’s south, first to the Clive site. The site is well fortified; barbed wire, people keeping watch, etc. Martin first tries to turn the taxis away, but Edward offers his medical skills as it turns out that their linguist, Johannes Spech is in need.

Edward and Doris go to Johannes’ tent to find that his leg is broken. Edward chats him up and discovers that he is a German nationalist and that the fortifications are in place to keep the mummy thief inside. Flora and Monty both try separately to get to the pyramid. Monty is stopped by Martin, but Flora convinces some of the diggers to escort her to the pyramid. Before he can enter, she meets Dr. Henry Clive. He takes her into the pyramid upon her request. They go to the secret room. There are shelves with some kind of ornate jewelry boxes as well as some urns. There were scrolls in the boxes, but he says there were unintelligible and improperly stored. They sent the scrolls back to the Penhew foundation. They agree to have dinner.

Monty then meets Joseph Gardner and after Monty mentions Jan Willen, Joseph suggest speak in his tent. When Josesph comes out of the tent and then when he returns with Monty, Ion notices that many of the diggers start to watch him closely. After Edward sees to Johannes’ leg, Doris goes to check in with Agatha Broadmore, as Martin said she was feeling faint. Inside the tent, Dorris feels some kind of non-malevolent power vaguely pushing out. Agatha says doesn’t trust Henry or Martin and has felt an evil presence since arriving in Egypt. She does think the mummy is Nitrocris, because it has all of her aura and she came to Egypt specifically to exercise the mummy. She had felt the aura of Nitocris since she was England, but since it has been stolen, she no longer can feel it.



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