Masks of Nyarlathotep

Like a horse but unlike a horse

To the moon!

February 21

Spent the day resting and reading. The truck didn’t come tonight either.

February 22

Ion went back to the spice shop, but realized he was being followed. He managed to lose his pursuers before getting to the shop. After searching the upstairs, he found a secret compartment in Tewfik’s desk. The compartment contained a black silk robe, a black skull cap with ankhs, two scepters (one with an ankh topper, one with a crook topper), and two sandstone vials of weird substances (one with a red syrup, one with a black powder and white rubbery crystals). Ion took the lot before heading back to Barclay’s.

Shortly after Monte and Luna left, the rest of the group heard someone trying to pick the front door. Edward scared off the intruders without seeing who they were. Much later, the group discovered that their rooms had been searched, though they didn’t notice that anything was missing.

Monte and Luna followed a truck full of cultists an hour north of London to a gated estate on an island. Fearing they’d be seen, they left the car and ran across the bridge and through the gate while the guards were distracted by the entering truck. Sticking to the bushes, they followed the truck to a mansion. Many of the windows had the blinds drawn, but Monte and Luna were able to see Gavigan and the Egyptian cultists being served a meal by Egyptian and Asian servants. They snuck into the adjacent library and found a series of newspapers describing a film being produced in Hollywood for $500,000 called the Prince of Babylon. The film is being directed by Erich Von Varstein and is being produced by Grant Winwood. The film is about ancient Babylon and the relationship of the Prince of Babylon to the Prince of R’Lyeh. The filmmakers are interested in soliciting the services of experts on either Babylon or R’Lyeh.

After a while, Monte and Luna snuck into the dining room and saw out the window that that the cultists had left the building and were dancing around a distant fire. Upon approaching the fire, the pair saw that four captives were chained to a large Egyptian stele nearby and several more were chained to the ground around it. The cultists would dance for a while around the fire before picking up some clubs, beating two of the captives severely, and then impaling them through the hearts. Some horrendous apparition would manifest along with an attendant servant, and the cultists would sing as the monstrosity would rape one of the remaining captives. Finally, a large flying reptilian horse would come down from the stars and the cultists would fight to see who could mount the beast, which would carry them away. This pattern repeated twice until Luna decided to leap onto the horse and ride it away. It carried her away from Earth into the presence of the mad demon sultan before her mind finally gave way completely and she threw herself into the bubbling chaos.

Monte went back to the house and stole the truck, which he tried to drive into Gavigan. Gavigan stared unflinchingly into Monte’s eyes as the car sped towards him. On impact, the car was rent asunder, with the other half spinning through the mass of cultists, scattering the fire onto the captives and rolling away down the hill. The half of the truck with Monte spun and rolled into the stele, cracking it at its base. Stunned and deafened, Monte summoned the sense to climb from the wreckage and run toward the gate. He fumbled with his gun to shoot the gate guards and dropped the weapon with the remaining cultists hot on his heels. He leaped at the fence and climbed it, stumbling at the top and falling to the rocks 15 feet below. His ankle sprained, he flailed through the water and limped to where he and Luna had hidden the car. He drove off into the back roads and shut the car down until morning when he cautiously drove back to one of his London safehouses.

February 23
(Monte spent much of the day resting at his safehouse)



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