Masks of Nyarlathotep

London Fog

February 18

Ion and Monty started off the day by speaking with DI Barrington at Scotland Yard about the foreigner killings. There they found that Elias had seen Barrington and told him that the murders were ritual killing by the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, an Egyptian death cult. The DI also spoke with Gavigan of the Penhew Foundation who claimed that there was no such modern day cult and that the murder method was likely just an imitation put on by nationalist thugs to scare off foreigners. Both Gavigan and the DI thought Elias was seeing cults where there were none.
Monty also learned:
1) Many of the murder victims frequented a popular Egyptian nightclub, The Blue Pyramid Club. Police Stakeouts revealed nothing.
2) One victim cried out ‘Hotep’.
3) Spice dealer Tewfik Al Syed worked as a guide for the Penhew Foundation. He denied knowledge of any Brotherhood. Police tail revealed nothing.

Meanwhile Doris, Luna, Edward Call, Neil, and Arthur headed to the Penhew Foundation to check out the library. They learned there was a sorcerous ruler in the Nile Valley sometimes called “The Dark One” or “The Black Pharoah”. They also explored the exhibition gallery a bit more. Edward tried to hide after business hours, but the clerk noticed him and escorted him out. Edward noticed a strange truck pull around the building and noticed some Hindus loading the truck with crates from the back of the Penhew foundation.

February 19

Monty looked up the plates of the truck and learned that it belonged to a moving company that often worked transporting goods for the London museums.

Ion went to the telegram office and sent a telegram to Prof Cowles what he knew about the Bloody Tongue Cult. He also received a telegram of a non-fatal lycanthropy cure from Romania. The cure is to carve elaborate crosses into the victim’s palms and then pour molten silver into the wounds. That should heal the woman. Ion believed the cure but Arthur was not so sure he wanted to maim his daughter. Maybe there’s a better cure?

Neal obtained another appointment with Edward Gavigan and told him about Look to the Future’s interest in egyptology and the sphinx in Scotland. Gavigan seemed interested and considered funding an expedition to Cannich. Gavigan denied all knowledge of a Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah. Unfortunately, Neal strained too hard when analyzing Gavigan’s responses and had an explosive bout of incontinence. Gavigan promptly had Neal escorted from his office.

Doris spent some more time in the Penhew library but was unable to find any more information on the Black Pharoah or his Brotherhood.

Edward Call snuck into the storage room in the back of the Penhew Foundation. He found several crates and a large stone sarcophagus. He noticed that the floor around the sarcophagus was worn differently from the rest of the floor, and after much exploration he and Doris found a mechanism that slid the sarcophagus to one side revealing a stairway to the basement. They explored the basement and found artwork depicting otherworldly horrors. Some of which they’d heard rumors of previously. They found an unopened crate to Ho Fong in Shanghai, China containing a brass statue of an obese nude female with gaping mouths all over her face and long tentacles in place of arms. They also found an unopened crate to Mr. Randolph in Darwin, Australia containing a fat humanoid with tentacles all over its face. Edward picked up the statue and recognized it as a depiction of Cthulhu. Touching the statue sent a tingle up his arms and into his core.

Doris explored a bookshelf and found the G’harne Fragments and the Book of Dzyan. Edward found a latin book that seemed largely incoherent, but he hoped to find some meaning in it through study.

Edward also opened a small chest with silver inlay in the form of some creature with insectoid limbs and a face that his mind refused to make sense of. He found two silver daggers in the chest and took them along with a nearby revolver, bullets, and 100 pounds sterling.

Upon leaving the basement, Doris heard a click and saw movement from the corner of her eye in the storage room, but there was nobody there. She quickly snuck out the back of the foundation with Edward. Neal gave up on waiting and left through the front door. Fog rolled in as they made their way back to Barclay’s house. The fog thickened and the dark moved in. Remembering Miles’ painting of the fog creature, the PCs tried to stick to the street lamps. Neal and Doris heard footsteps, but Neal was able to walk faster and the footsteps faded. Doris turned around and only saw Edward. Edward and Doris began to smell burning hair. As the smell grew stronger the street lamp above them began to flicker. They started to run but the street lamps started flickering before they reached them. Finally, the street lamp above them went out. Doris, winded from running, suddenly found that she couldn’t breathe. Edward had made it a bit further, realized Doris wasn’t with him and went back. Suddenly, he couldn’t breathe either. Through struggling, Doris was able to break free from the restraining influence. Edward had begun to break free when a bobby happened by. His electric torch briefly reflected off some large round green eyes right in front of Edward as he felt the acrid smelling, thick fog retreat back out of his lungs and fade into the mist. The bobby escorted them back to Barclay’s house, but both Doris and Edward were extremely traumatized by the ordeal.

Ion, Luna, and Monty left to explore the Blue Pyramid. Luna chatted up the bartender and got a meeting with the manager. Luna expressed an interest in Egyption culture and asked about where she could find a Tewfik Al Syed as a guide to Egypt. The manager gave directions to Tewfik’s shop. Ion and Monty were solicited by the belly dancers. Ion decided he would rather drink, but Monty gave a couple pounds to the dancers. One of them said she’d heard the group asking questions and gave Monty some information behind the club. Her boyfriend had been taken by the Brotherhood, and once a month a group of club regulars gets in a truck with Tewfik and they leave London.

February 20

Doris, Neal, Edward, and Arthur decided to rest for a week (until February 27) to heal up.

Doris read the G’harne Fragments and learned two spells: Great Burrower and the Burrower’s Blessing. Both seemed to just involve gestures and maintenance of concentration. She also learned that the god of the Bloody Tongue is Nyarlathotep (dun dun dun!).

Ion (and Henry), Luna, and Monty agreed to wait until Tewfik leaves town in the truck. One group will follow Tewfik. One group will break into Tewfik’s shop while there is no chance of him returning unexpectedly.

Ion spent the day casing the shop (with Henry). Luna and Monty rested up to follow Tewfik.

The truck didn’t come this night.



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