Masks of Nyarlathotep

Survival of a Salesman

The fog man cometh

February 23
Monte spent the day recovering in his safehouse in the Limehouse District.

Ion discovered that his Juju mask had been stolen by the previous night’s burglars. Not knowing what had happened to Luna or Monte, Ion filed a missing persons report at the police station. Convinced by Henry that Monte was in the back of the station, Ion waited until dusk for Monte to leave the station. Not seeing Monte, he successfully posed as a janitor and searched the police station for Monte. In order to avoid the real janitor, Ion sent Henry to possess him. Both Ion and Henry made it out of the station, but they didn’t find Monte. Since it was dark and was getting foggy, Ion and Henry holed up in a bar for the night, and ultimately slept on a park bench.

That evening, Monte returned to Barclay’s. Shortly after entering, there was a knock at the door. As Monte answered, he noticed it was becoming quite foggy outside. The man at the door was dressed in a brown suit with a brown bowler cap. He wore a pale yellow shirt and a vivid purple tie. His face was nondescript and difficult to remember as Monte’s eyes kept being drawn to his tie. He claimed to be from the British Vacuum Cleaner Company (BVCC) and wanted to know if Monte would be interested in a demonstration of his latest device, the “goblin”, a large metal cylinder with a long coiled hose. Monte asked the man’s name. Taken aback, the man looked around frantically before saying his name was Mr. Door. Taking the name inquiry as an invitation, he entered the house and began looking in each room to find a good demonstration room. Doris joined Monte to keep an eye on Mr. Door. Neal and Arthur continued their naps, and Edward continued reading his book.

Mr. Door led the pair upstairs and began vacuuming one of the dusty spare bedrooms. His device seemed to clean the room nicely, though it made quite a racket. Edward noticed fog seeping under the windows and the front door, so he ran upstairs to stop the machine. He unplugged the machine and the group politely asked Mr. Door to leave, though he insisted on leaving his card. Initially, he mistakenly handed Monte a blank card that simply read “The Lamplighter Society”, but he quickly took it back and replaced it with a company card from the BVCC. Again, the group tried to escort Mr. Door downstairs, but they observed with horror that the first floor had completely filled with fog and that all lights were off on the first floor. Doris began to search for a flashlight on the second floor. Arthur, haggard and pale, came running up the stairs. He claimed to have narrowly escaped from a fog monster attack. Mr. Door disappeared back into the spare room, turned on his machine, suctioned the hose to a curtain, opened a side panel on the goblin and extracted a clear soft glass(?) cup attached to a thin hose connected to the goblin. He claimed the cup was called an “anti-dust respirator” and was designed to allow a servant to vacuum without inhaling all the dust that was raised during vacuuming. He put the device on his face, and jumped out the window. The PCs followed suit, noticing that the air became denser as they fell, slowing their descent and cushioning their landing.

Edward took Doris’ flashlight and went back around the front to get Neal. He noticed that the windows had been opened, and as he went in, he encountered three fog monsters. They didn’t seem able to attack him with his respirator on, but he found that Neal had already expired during the attack. Cause of death was asphyxiation He rejoined the others and they all walked into the dense fog. As they went, their vision became more tunneled, and their feet began to sink into the ground. Eventually, they had to kick to stay at their current height, and they began to feel wetter than would be expected from just fog. Finally, Mr. Door suggested they go up slowly and began to swim upwards. Edward yanked on Mr. Door’s respirator, which came off and fell into the depths. The PCs slowly swam upwards and emerged from the water near the Limehouse Docks. They saw Mr. Door climb into a small boat, wave to them, and row off into the (much thinner) fog. They climbed ashore and went to Monte’s safehouse to clean up, dry off, and spend the night.

February 24
Ion returned to Barclay’s, but finding the door hanging open, he returned to the police station, where he met up with the other PCs.

Monte searched the police archives for information on the Lamplighter Society or Mr. Door, but there were no records of either. Ion sent a telegram to Jonah giving some information on the state of the adventure (without giving too many details so as to endanger Jonah if the message was intercepted). The PCs requested a wire of 300 pounds to offset future travel costs.

Returning to the safehouse, Monte spotted the truck from the Penhew foundation in Limehouse. Since it was an unusual place for such a truck, Monte followed it to a warehouse, where he was shooed off by some Indian longshoremen. Attempting to sneak back into the warehouse, Monte was attacked by the longshoremen but managed to escape.

February 25
Ion and Monte staked out the warehouse and snuck in during a lull. They found several boxes. Some contained cocaine, others contained mythos statues addressed to places in Australia, Shanghai, and Cairo. Ion relabeled a crate containing a brass statue of a bat eating a human face from Randolph shipping in Australia to Dr. Cowles in Australia. He also relabeled a crate containing a brass faceless sphinx from Faraz Najir in Cairo to Jonah Kensington in New York. Finally, they found a crate to Ho Fong Imports in Shanghai, but six Asian sailors entered and carried it to a waiting ship while the PCs hid. Ion and Monte successfully escaped and returned to the safehouse.

February 26
Ion bought tickets on a liner to Cairo, departing in two days.

Monte returned to Barclay’s to retrieve the vacuum, but it was gone, along with Neal’s corpse and all belongings (including Arthur’s shotgun). The furniture in all the rooms were covered with sheets as though the house had not been used for some time. The only evidence was a clean patch where Mr. Door had demonstrated the use of his Goblin.

February 27
Monte spoke to DI Barrington and convinced him to stake out the cult island in around 3 weeks. He claimed that Barrington would be able to find the cause of his murders there. He told Barrington to take at least 2 police vehicles and watch for a large van. He did not tell Barrington about Gavigan or the Mythos creatures. Ion rested.

February 28
The group left on a Liner bound for Cairo. They will arrive on March 3.



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