Masks of Nyarlathotep

The Cat Interlude

Bastet if you're nasty

March 5
Doris reads up on the Clive expedition in the newspapers.

  • Doctor Henry Clive is the principle archeologist
  • Martin Winfield is the manager of the expedition
  • Agatha Broadmore is a renowned psychic
  • James Gardner is another archeologist, interested in the sphinx
  • Johannes Sprech is another archeologist

Doris also learns that the sarcophagus containing Queen Nitocris was reported to weigh 10 tons and stolen within 30 min. However, No one from the expedition is quoted as saying the mummy is Nitrocris. They also reportedly found other artifacts, but there is no mention of them being stolen in any of the articles..

While Doris is reading, Ion, Edward, Vane, Monty have Mamoud ask around for Jan Willen Van Heuvelen. Flora overhears and leads them to a tailors’ shop on the Street of Moths, one of the poorest areas in the Old city. Flora introduces the party to Jan Willen and they go to a local bar to talk. Jan Willen says he’s been working on somthing better, translating scrolls he found in a temple. The scrolls describe a snake creature named Apep that fights agains the sun. He also tells them a little bit about the other members of the expedition.

  • Doctor Clive is incompetent
  • Agatha and James were pleasant
  • Martin was good company. He even shared information about how to find the temple
  • Johannes has impressive linguistic ability. He could sight read hieroglyphics, though he was also a bit off, and disturbing.

While talking, several cats came into the bar and watched Jan Willen. Even when the cat’s were shooed out, they kept watching through the window. Everyone left the bar and Jan Willen went home. Ion stayed outside in a nearby alley to keep an eye on him since it turned out cats and a strange beautiful woman had started following Jan Willen. Ion saw a nearly 7 foot tall women enter the tailor’s shop and then leave moments later. According to Henry, both Jan Willen and the tailor were dead. Ion ran back to the hotel and told the party.

March 6
Vane, Monty, Edward, and Flora return to the tailor’s shop at the break of dawn. Flora is attacked by Jan Willen as she enters because he thought she was the woman from the night. He tells them that the woman came and asked for his scrolls, but he wouldn’t give them. The woman said the wrath of Bast was coming. Also, Flora nearly strangles Jan Willen with her hair.

In the mean time, Doris and Ion return to the museum to get the scroll from Dr. Ali Kafur. It isn’t a description of any sacrificial ritual. After reading the translations of the Scroll of Gorgoroth, Doris learns the ritual to shape shift into a form that she thinks would be more pleasing to Nyarlathotep. Vane also learnes that Faraz Najir had been murdered.

The team decides to wait for Jan Willen to complete his translation work. Ion learns more about Bast. Bastet was the original goddess of the sun, but she stayed to protect Egypt and she opposed Apep. Apep is an opponent of light and truth, and the personification of all that is evil. He wants to eat the sun. He has a snake body and flint for a head. He is miles long (potentially even 16 miles by one estimate). After learning this, it seems that the scrolls should be returned and they decide to steal them from Jan Willen.

March 7
Monty tracks down the temple where Jan Willen found the scrolls and manages to offend the cats that guard the entrance by stepping all over them.

March 8
Monty and Ion enter the temple after giving the cats fish. Inside they see a large statue of Bast and many, many cats staring at them. They leave with a woman who was praying to Bast because her cat was missing. They decide to keep an eye on the temple and wait for the rest of the party to meet them. During this time, Edward takes Jan Willen out to drink and Flora steals the scrolls from his room. Before Flora is able to meet up with Ion and Monty see a large black cat (Jaguar). They follow it and it seemingly turns into a beautiful 7 foot all woman. She introduces herself as High priestess Neris. When she speaks, it sound like Romanian to Ion, but English to Monty. She wants the scrolls and says that those who are loyal to Bast can be rewarded. Ion promises her that the scrolls are on their way.

When Flora arrives, Monty quickly skims over the end of the translation to discover there is apparently a temple to Apep but there is no more. They then give Neris the scrolls. Ion spends the night with her after the others leave. Bow chika wow ow

The party then took 3 days of R&R.



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