Masks of Nyarlathotep

Beneath the Clive Expedition

Or: Upon Having Lots of Bodies Hit The Floor

March 13 (cont)
Late Afternoon at Clive Expedition (in Memphis, 20mi south of Cairo)

Martin Winfield – smarmy asshole with riding crop. Arthur knows him as the son of a conservative MP.

3 pyramids + 1 sphinx:
Great Pyramid (large)
Pyramid of Kafra (medium)
Pyramid of Men-kaura (small) – Flora went in here and saw room where mummy/sarcophagus was found.
Great Sphinx (near Great Pyramid)

Agatha Broadmore + Dolores talked. Agatha thinks the mummy is the queen, despite expedition not thinking that. She came to Egypt to exorcise it. She doesn’t feel/sense it anymore – has no idea where it went. She suspects that someone is trying to resurrect Nitocris with the mummy. She knows that in order to resurrect, one needs Nitocris’s girdle, necklace and crown. We know that Nitocris rekindled cult of Black Pharaoh (Nefren-Ka), so she is his supporter. Isis and Snefru originally ousted Black Pharaoh.

Edward Caul + Johannes Sprech talking, first-aiding. They are being very racist. Not too many texts founds, unfortunately.

Flora invited to dinner by Clive.

Monty +James Gardner (archaeologist) talking in his tent. Interested in Sphinx, suspects it is a giant tombstone. Expedition won’t let him leave. Doesn’t feel comfortable – other workers always watching him, Agatha, new-comers, etc. Don’t watch Martin, Johannes or Clive as much. Think the discovered mummy was Nitocris. Was expecting Nitocris to be buried under Sphinx. Expedition will be a bust since they lost the mummy. Martin hits the workers – once cut a man. Clive is fine, a nice old man and agrees about exploring the Sphinx, but Martin won’t let them, which James resents. Suspects there’s a secret room where the sarcophagus was moved into. Clive might know about secret passages.

Vane, overcoming his intense dislike for Martin, persuades him that the investigators should be allowed to stay on site to help recovering the lost sarcophagus and mummy.

Ion is standing in the sun.


Doris, Ion, Vane retire for the evening.
Edward, Monty, Flora walk around the dig site at night Find rock slabs askew, enter and find hidden passage into Pyramid of Men-Kaura. Get Ion and Doris and take fork in passage. Poison gas makes all except Flora vomit and they all put on cloth face masks torn from Doris’s clothes. Tunnel curves to right. Narrower path forks off to right, which we take. In the narrower man-made area, blood is running down into tunnel, which continues. We head back to the main path again, which turns to the left. Flora starts falling down an unseen mucus-hole within the tombhole, but is able to cam her body since the passageway is so narrow and prevent the fall.

Along one passageway there are completely black roses growing out of the walls. Edward cuts a rose to take a sample. Past a door, there’s a pillar with a pyramid at the top. It has hieroglyphs on it, and we take a rubbing of a small portion. A second platform has a huge throne with two seats. We rope to the pillar and walk out across the green stone mucus bridge.

Doris and Monty hear Arabic near the 4-way intersection. The throne room lights up with oil flame all around. A cat-woman and crocodile-man attack Monty as the rest of the party retreats toward the stele. Flora ties the rope to the stele.

Monty shoots the cat in the chest for 7 points, knocking it out cold. The crocodile man leapt over the cat at Monty, snapping but missed. Monty’s gun continues to jam and the crocodile man gives a lethal snap at Monty, then leaps over him but faceplants for 2 damage. Edward shoots the crocodile man at point-blank range and Flora boots it in the head. 6 cultists carrying 4 human sacrifices enter the room and shout out at the investigators for defiling the sanctum or something. Flora recognizes at least one of them as working at the Clive dig.

The flames also light up the sarcophagus on a 15-foot-high platform in the middle of the room.

Edward shoots one of two cultists that run for the entrance downstairs that they came from, putting him to ‘sleep’. Flora rappels down from the stele, brandishing Monty’s gun. A cultist hits her with a thrown knife for 3 points. She fires at one but misses. Doris pushes the crocodile man over the edge of the platform. She fires again and misses as they both draw another knife. She rappels down and runs for the nearest pillar for cover. The cat body is thrown down and nails one of the two cultists. Edward rappels down and shoots at the cultist, missing spectacularly and hitting Flora for 10 points of damage, who is now dying. Doris rappels down after having wrapped her hands and successfully first-aids Flora.

Ion sweeps the first of two cultists off the bridge American Gladiator-style, who splats. He then hits the second cultist off too. He then pushes Monty’s dead body off the platform and heads downstairs.

Edward approaches the big black pit behind the throne but not being able to see a floor, does not enter. Stuff floats that he throws in. He drags two drugged people bundles into the glowing fire pit near the front of the room, and they light on fire and he lets them go. Their ashes float up.

As the pool of water begins to ripple, Doris, Flora and Edward head out the door.

Next up:
Ion doing something with Monty’s body?



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