Masks of Nyarlathotep

So dreamy

The group decided to take the R’lyeh disk and pyramid ward with them to Kenya. Raleigh had a meeting in the morning with Winston, a British military officer with a Kenyan coffee plantation. The plan was to accompany him back to Kenya onboard a passenger liner. Unfortunately, that plan was derailed at the customs station. While waiting in line at customs, Doris and Arthur realized that several of the customs agents and border guards were devotees of the Black Pharoah (based on their inverted ankh jewelry).

Doris also noticed Jonah Kensington and Erica Carlyle standing off to one side, scanning the crowd. Doris pointed them out to the group and then walked over to say ‘Hi’. Several of the loitering cats became hostile to Jonah and Erica, and attacked them, at which point Erica picked up a cat and tore off its face, crushing the other cat with the lifeless body. Doris tried to blend into the crowd, but Jonah noticed her. She tried to notify a seemingly neutral guard, but Jonah told the guard to leave Doris to him. Erica and Jonah grabbed Doris by the arms and escorted her outside and into a waiting car.

Arthur and Mahmoud followed them in a cab, while Raleigh and Winston continued onto the ship to Kenya. Jonah and Erica took Doris to the burned out building that used to house Faraz Nazir (before being burned down by a demon. Doris struggled and cast the Burrower’s Blessing, which caused the veins in nearby beggars, pedestrians, and cats to burst. Arthur and Mahmoud backed away and so only took minor damage, but their driver remained and was killed. Jonah and Erica were disoriented enough by the spell that they let Doris go, and she ran to the cab and dragged out the body of the driver. She tried very poorly to drive away with Arthur and Mahmoud in the cab before an elderly woman in a niqab knocked on the window and offered her assistance.

While driving the group to safety, Mrs. Sand asked where the group wanted to go and what they were doing to keep the disk safe. They said that they wanted to get to Kenya, so Mrs. Sand offered them a ‘safe’ way to get there, since Mahmoud noticed that Jonah and Erica were almost managing to keep pace with the cab (though several blocks behind). Mrs. Sand explained this was because Jonah and Erica were ‘Faceless Ones’ who can adopt any form having once torn its face off. They are apparently quite fast and very dangerous. Mrs. Sand drove the group to a nondescript house in Port Said and introduced them to Mr. Cart (in a bright green jellabah) and Ms. Flowers (in a black niqab with a vivid purple headscarf). The group noticed that Mr. Cart had a silver spider brooch holding his shirt closed.

Mr. Cart and Ms. Flowers escorted the group to a staircase leading down, and Ms. Flowers whispered something to Doris. As the group descended, they noticed the air grow noticeably cooler, and there was a noted increase in the amount of spider web covering the corners and coating the walls. The bottom of the stairs opened into a large chamber whose walls were thick with webbing and whose ceiling rose beyond the faint light held by Ms. Flowers. On one wall was a cloudy mirror. Ms. Flowers suggested the group could find their way to Kenya on the other side of the mirror and that they would be aided by a ‘friend’ on the other side. Mr. Cart and Ms. Flowers wish the group luck keeping the disk safe and recommended avoiding Faceless Ones in the future.

After passing through the mirror into an identical room to the one they’d just left, the group was met by Tadra, a horse-sized spider that chittered at them and stroked their faces with her forelegs before setting off into the darkness. A few rats scurried out to investigate, and the one inspecting Arthur bit his ankle. When Arthur tried to swat it away with his cane, the rat ran up and bit him on the hand. Finally swatting away the rat (which had a human face), Arthur noticed that he was oozing a tarry black substance, and Doris helped him bandage the wound. The group followed Tadra back up the stairs and out into an eerily similar duplicate of Port Said, except this one was covered in spider webs and had seemingly little life. There was the occasional skittering noise or passing shadow, but the group saw no living thing except Tadra and each other.

Eventually, the group came to a large abyss spanned by spider webs. They found some thick non-sticky webbing and crawled out onto it after Tadra. Mahmoud almost fell into the cotton candy-like webbing below, but managed to catch himself in time. The group noticed that moving on the webbing caused ripples to go out into the surrounding webbing and disappear in the mist. They eventually came to a cliff and saw that they could either skirt the cliff until they found and easier way up, attempt to climb the cliff, or they could wait for Tadra to come back. Worried about the amount of signal they’d sent into the surrounding web, they opted to have Mahmoud scale the cliff and bring back Tadra. She then picked up Doris and Arthur and carried them up the cliff as two large spiders came rushing towards the cliff.

At the top of that cliff, the group saw another cliff face off the in the distance with a cloudy mirror set in its base. With solid ground beneath their feet, the group ran for the mirror. Doris had to strain her ankle getting there but she flew through the mirror as two long legs came grasping through the mirror. They seemed to be in a large stone room, empty except a flowing stone fountain. The group tended to their wounds and drank some water before growing extremely tired. They drifted off to sleep before waking up in the ship cabin of Raleigh and Winston, who are still asleep. The boat has just docked at Nairobi.

Arthur was able to identify that the pyramid ward the group has is part of a protective ward.



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