Masks of Nyarlathotep

Survival of a Salesman
The fog man cometh

February 23
Monte spent the day recovering in his safehouse in the Limehouse District.

Ion discovered that his Juju mask had been stolen by the previous night’s burglars. Not knowing what had happened to Luna or Monte, Ion filed a missing persons report at the police station. Convinced by Henry that Monte was in the back of the station, Ion waited until dusk for Monte to leave the station. Not seeing Monte, he successfully posed as a janitor and searched the police station for Monte. In order to avoid the real janitor, Ion sent Henry to possess him. Both Ion and Henry made it out of the station, but they didn’t find Monte. Since it was dark and was getting foggy, Ion and Henry holed up in a bar for the night, and ultimately slept on a park bench.

That evening, Monte returned to Barclay’s. Shortly after entering, there was a knock at the door. As Monte answered, he noticed it was becoming quite foggy outside. The man at the door was dressed in a brown suit with a brown bowler cap. He wore a pale yellow shirt and a vivid purple tie. His face was nondescript and difficult to remember as Monte’s eyes kept being drawn to his tie. He claimed to be from the British Vacuum Cleaner Company (BVCC) and wanted to know if Monte would be interested in a demonstration of his latest device, the “goblin”, a large metal cylinder with a long coiled hose. Monte asked the man’s name. Taken aback, the man looked around frantically before saying his name was Mr. Door. Taking the name inquiry as an invitation, he entered the house and began looking in each room to find a good demonstration room. Doris joined Monte to keep an eye on Mr. Door. Neal and Arthur continued their naps, and Edward continued reading his book.

Mr. Door led the pair upstairs and began vacuuming one of the dusty spare bedrooms. His device seemed to clean the room nicely, though it made quite a racket. Edward noticed fog seeping under the windows and the front door, so he ran upstairs to stop the machine. He unplugged the machine and the group politely asked Mr. Door to leave, though he insisted on leaving his card. Initially, he mistakenly handed Monte a blank card that simply read “The Lamplighter Society”, but he quickly took it back and replaced it with a company card from the BVCC. Again, the group tried to escort Mr. Door downstairs, but they observed with horror that the first floor had completely filled with fog and that all lights were off on the first floor. Doris began to search for a flashlight on the second floor. Arthur, haggard and pale, came running up the stairs. He claimed to have narrowly escaped from a fog monster attack. Mr. Door disappeared back into the spare room, turned on his machine, suctioned the hose to a curtain, opened a side panel on the goblin and extracted a clear soft glass(?) cup attached to a thin hose connected to the goblin. He claimed the cup was called an “anti-dust respirator” and was designed to allow a servant to vacuum without inhaling all the dust that was raised during vacuuming. He put the device on his face, and jumped out the window. The PCs followed suit, noticing that the air became denser as they fell, slowing their descent and cushioning their landing.

Edward took Doris’ flashlight and went back around the front to get Neal. He noticed that the windows had been opened, and as he went in, he encountered three fog monsters. They didn’t seem able to attack him with his respirator on, but he found that Neal had already expired during the attack. Cause of death was asphyxiation He rejoined the others and they all walked into the dense fog. As they went, their vision became more tunneled, and their feet began to sink into the ground. Eventually, they had to kick to stay at their current height, and they began to feel wetter than would be expected from just fog. Finally, Mr. Door suggested they go up slowly and began to swim upwards. Edward yanked on Mr. Door’s respirator, which came off and fell into the depths. The PCs slowly swam upwards and emerged from the water near the Limehouse Docks. They saw Mr. Door climb into a small boat, wave to them, and row off into the (much thinner) fog. They climbed ashore and went to Monte’s safehouse to clean up, dry off, and spend the night.

February 24
Ion returned to Barclay’s, but finding the door hanging open, he returned to the police station, where he met up with the other PCs.

Monte searched the police archives for information on the Lamplighter Society or Mr. Door, but there were no records of either. Ion sent a telegram to Jonah giving some information on the state of the adventure (without giving too many details so as to endanger Jonah if the message was intercepted). The PCs requested a wire of 300 pounds to offset future travel costs.

Returning to the safehouse, Monte spotted the truck from the Penhew foundation in Limehouse. Since it was an unusual place for such a truck, Monte followed it to a warehouse, where he was shooed off by some Indian longshoremen. Attempting to sneak back into the warehouse, Monte was attacked by the longshoremen but managed to escape.

February 25
Ion and Monte staked out the warehouse and snuck in during a lull. They found several boxes. Some contained cocaine, others contained mythos statues addressed to places in Australia, Shanghai, and Cairo. Ion relabeled a crate containing a brass statue of a bat eating a human face from Randolph shipping in Australia to Dr. Cowles in Australia. He also relabeled a crate containing a brass faceless sphinx from Faraz Najir in Cairo to Jonah Kensington in New York. Finally, they found a crate to Ho Fong Imports in Shanghai, but six Asian sailors entered and carried it to a waiting ship while the PCs hid. Ion and Monte successfully escaped and returned to the safehouse.

February 26
Ion bought tickets on a liner to Cairo, departing in two days.

Monte returned to Barclay’s to retrieve the vacuum, but it was gone, along with Neal’s corpse and all belongings (including Arthur’s shotgun). The furniture in all the rooms were covered with sheets as though the house had not been used for some time. The only evidence was a clean patch where Mr. Door had demonstrated the use of his Goblin.

February 27
Monte spoke to DI Barrington and convinced him to stake out the cult island in around 3 weeks. He claimed that Barrington would be able to find the cause of his murders there. He told Barrington to take at least 2 police vehicles and watch for a large van. He did not tell Barrington about Gavigan or the Mythos creatures. Ion rested.

February 28
The group left on a Liner bound for Cairo. They will arrive on March 3.

Like a horse but unlike a horse
To the moon!

February 21

Spent the day resting and reading. The truck didn’t come tonight either.

February 22

Ion went back to the spice shop, but realized he was being followed. He managed to lose his pursuers before getting to the shop. After searching the upstairs, he found a secret compartment in Tewfik’s desk. The compartment contained a black silk robe, a black skull cap with ankhs, two scepters (one with an ankh topper, one with a crook topper), and two sandstone vials of weird substances (one with a red syrup, one with a black powder and white rubbery crystals). Ion took the lot before heading back to Barclay’s.

Shortly after Monte and Luna left, the rest of the group heard someone trying to pick the front door. Edward scared off the intruders without seeing who they were. Much later, the group discovered that their rooms had been searched, though they didn’t notice that anything was missing.

Monte and Luna followed a truck full of cultists an hour north of London to a gated estate on an island. Fearing they’d be seen, they left the car and ran across the bridge and through the gate while the guards were distracted by the entering truck. Sticking to the bushes, they followed the truck to a mansion. Many of the windows had the blinds drawn, but Monte and Luna were able to see Gavigan and the Egyptian cultists being served a meal by Egyptian and Asian servants. They snuck into the adjacent library and found a series of newspapers describing a film being produced in Hollywood for $500,000 called the Prince of Babylon. The film is being directed by Erich Von Varstein and is being produced by Grant Winwood. The film is about ancient Babylon and the relationship of the Prince of Babylon to the Prince of R’Lyeh. The filmmakers are interested in soliciting the services of experts on either Babylon or R’Lyeh.

After a while, Monte and Luna snuck into the dining room and saw out the window that that the cultists had left the building and were dancing around a distant fire. Upon approaching the fire, the pair saw that four captives were chained to a large Egyptian stele nearby and several more were chained to the ground around it. The cultists would dance for a while around the fire before picking up some clubs, beating two of the captives severely, and then impaling them through the hearts. Some horrendous apparition would manifest along with an attendant servant, and the cultists would sing as the monstrosity would rape one of the remaining captives. Finally, a large flying reptilian horse would come down from the stars and the cultists would fight to see who could mount the beast, which would carry them away. This pattern repeated twice until Luna decided to leap onto the horse and ride it away. It carried her away from Earth into the presence of the mad demon sultan before her mind finally gave way completely and she threw herself into the bubbling chaos.

Monte went back to the house and stole the truck, which he tried to drive into Gavigan. Gavigan stared unflinchingly into Monte’s eyes as the car sped towards him. On impact, the car was rent asunder, with the other half spinning through the mass of cultists, scattering the fire onto the captives and rolling away down the hill. The half of the truck with Monte spun and rolled into the stele, cracking it at its base. Stunned and deafened, Monte summoned the sense to climb from the wreckage and run toward the gate. He fumbled with his gun to shoot the gate guards and dropped the weapon with the remaining cultists hot on his heels. He leaped at the fence and climbed it, stumbling at the top and falling to the rocks 15 feet below. His ankle sprained, he flailed through the water and limped to where he and Luna had hidden the car. He drove off into the back roads and shut the car down until morning when he cautiously drove back to one of his London safehouses.

February 23
(Monte spent much of the day resting at his safehouse)

London Fog

February 18

Ion and Monty started off the day by speaking with DI Barrington at Scotland Yard about the foreigner killings. There they found that Elias had seen Barrington and told him that the murders were ritual killing by the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, an Egyptian death cult. The DI also spoke with Gavigan of the Penhew Foundation who claimed that there was no such modern day cult and that the murder method was likely just an imitation put on by nationalist thugs to scare off foreigners. Both Gavigan and the DI thought Elias was seeing cults where there were none.
Monty also learned:
1) Many of the murder victims frequented a popular Egyptian nightclub, The Blue Pyramid Club. Police Stakeouts revealed nothing.
2) One victim cried out ‘Hotep’.
3) Spice dealer Tewfik Al Syed worked as a guide for the Penhew Foundation. He denied knowledge of any Brotherhood. Police tail revealed nothing.

Meanwhile Doris, Luna, Edward Call, Neil, and Arthur headed to the Penhew Foundation to check out the library. They learned there was a sorcerous ruler in the Nile Valley sometimes called “The Dark One” or “The Black Pharoah”. They also explored the exhibition gallery a bit more. Edward tried to hide after business hours, but the clerk noticed him and escorted him out. Edward noticed a strange truck pull around the building and noticed some Hindus loading the truck with crates from the back of the Penhew foundation.

February 19

Monty looked up the plates of the truck and learned that it belonged to a moving company that often worked transporting goods for the London museums.

Ion went to the telegram office and sent a telegram to Prof Cowles what he knew about the Bloody Tongue Cult. He also received a telegram of a non-fatal lycanthropy cure from Romania. The cure is to carve elaborate crosses into the victim’s palms and then pour molten silver into the wounds. That should heal the woman. Ion believed the cure but Arthur was not so sure he wanted to maim his daughter. Maybe there’s a better cure?

Neal obtained another appointment with Edward Gavigan and told him about Look to the Future’s interest in egyptology and the sphinx in Scotland. Gavigan seemed interested and considered funding an expedition to Cannich. Gavigan denied all knowledge of a Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah. Unfortunately, Neal strained too hard when analyzing Gavigan’s responses and had an explosive bout of incontinence. Gavigan promptly had Neal escorted from his office.

Doris spent some more time in the Penhew library but was unable to find any more information on the Black Pharoah or his Brotherhood.

Edward Call snuck into the storage room in the back of the Penhew Foundation. He found several crates and a large stone sarcophagus. He noticed that the floor around the sarcophagus was worn differently from the rest of the floor, and after much exploration he and Doris found a mechanism that slid the sarcophagus to one side revealing a stairway to the basement. They explored the basement and found artwork depicting otherworldly horrors. Some of which they’d heard rumors of previously. They found an unopened crate to Ho Fong in Shanghai, China containing a brass statue of an obese nude female with gaping mouths all over her face and long tentacles in place of arms. They also found an unopened crate to Mr. Randolph in Darwin, Australia containing a fat humanoid with tentacles all over its face. Edward picked up the statue and recognized it as a depiction of Cthulhu. Touching the statue sent a tingle up his arms and into his core.

Doris explored a bookshelf and found the G’harne Fragments and the Book of Dzyan. Edward found a latin book that seemed largely incoherent, but he hoped to find some meaning in it through study.

Edward also opened a small chest with silver inlay in the form of some creature with insectoid limbs and a face that his mind refused to make sense of. He found two silver daggers in the chest and took them along with a nearby revolver, bullets, and 100 pounds sterling.

Upon leaving the basement, Doris heard a click and saw movement from the corner of her eye in the storage room, but there was nobody there. She quickly snuck out the back of the foundation with Edward. Neal gave up on waiting and left through the front door. Fog rolled in as they made their way back to Barclay’s house. The fog thickened and the dark moved in. Remembering Miles’ painting of the fog creature, the PCs tried to stick to the street lamps. Neal and Doris heard footsteps, but Neal was able to walk faster and the footsteps faded. Doris turned around and only saw Edward. Edward and Doris began to smell burning hair. As the smell grew stronger the street lamp above them began to flicker. They started to run but the street lamps started flickering before they reached them. Finally, the street lamp above them went out. Doris, winded from running, suddenly found that she couldn’t breathe. Edward had made it a bit further, realized Doris wasn’t with him and went back. Suddenly, he couldn’t breathe either. Through struggling, Doris was able to break free from the restraining influence. Edward had begun to break free when a bobby happened by. His electric torch briefly reflected off some large round green eyes right in front of Edward as he felt the acrid smelling, thick fog retreat back out of his lungs and fade into the mist. The bobby escorted them back to Barclay’s house, but both Doris and Edward were extremely traumatized by the ordeal.

Ion, Luna, and Monty left to explore the Blue Pyramid. Luna chatted up the bartender and got a meeting with the manager. Luna expressed an interest in Egyption culture and asked about where she could find a Tewfik Al Syed as a guide to Egypt. The manager gave directions to Tewfik’s shop. Ion and Monty were solicited by the belly dancers. Ion decided he would rather drink, but Monty gave a couple pounds to the dancers. One of them said she’d heard the group asking questions and gave Monty some information behind the club. Her boyfriend had been taken by the Brotherhood, and once a month a group of club regulars gets in a truck with Tewfik and they leave London.

February 20

Doris, Neal, Edward, and Arthur decided to rest for a week (until February 27) to heal up.

Doris read the G’harne Fragments and learned two spells: Great Burrower and the Burrower’s Blessing. Both seemed to just involve gestures and maintenance of concentration. She also learned that the god of the Bloody Tongue is Nyarlathotep (dun dun dun!).

Ion (and Henry), Luna, and Monty agreed to wait until Tewfik leaves town in the truck. One group will follow Tewfik. One group will break into Tewfik’s shop while there is no chance of him returning unexpectedly.

Ion spent the day casing the shop (with Henry). Luna and Monty rested up to follow Tewfik.

The truck didn’t come this night.

Art Thieves
Fenced in

February 17

The party followed up on another of Mahoney’s leads by investigating the painter, Miles Shipley. He lived with his mother in a dilapidated old house in Soho. They were eager to sell a painting, but the party was mainly just disturbed by the work. There were several otherworldly creatures in the paintings. Many of the paintings seemed to focus on serpent people and suggested some kind of ancient war with humans. A few paintings dealt with flying serpents. One portrayed several people on a mountaintop worshipping an enormous creature with a long red tentacle in place of a head. The people wore the headbands of the cult of the bloody tongue. Two of the paintings concerned some kind of creature that stalks people in the fog but hates the light.

Miles said he painted from visions but the party was unable to determine where the visions came from.

The group was very interested in a locked door in the studio. They later snuck up to the roof via some neighboring buildings. Ion noticed a man watching from the street. At night, they saw Miles walk away from the house. Doris tailed him to a brothel where he procured an escort for the evening. Meanwhile, Ion and Anthony broke into the studio via the skylight. In the closet they found another painting of a swampy landscape. They stole the painting, but when they looked at it in the light of a streetlamp, Anthony was pulled into the painting. Neal, found this so disturbing that he stomped on the painting, destroying it with Anthony still trapped inside. The group saw the man from earlier watching and so they confronted him. It turned out to be Monty Hayes, an undercover agent from Scotland Yard who has been posing as a cultist for years. He had followed the group from Scotland. He knew they were snooping around, that they’d broken into the MacBain house and somehow destroyed Craigh Dhubh. He’s now been watching them and thinks their investigation is probably linked with his.

Not in Scotland anymore
Broom Ninja v Butler

The party followed Barclay back to the shore near the dig site. Barclay drew a circle in the sand and filled it with runes and occult designs. Ion disrupted the circle before being chased off by Barclay, who fixed the circle and began chanting. The group watched with curiousity to see what would happen.

Luna and Neal saw the water beginning to mound up as though something huge was rising from the loch about 200 feet offshore. Ion rushed in and charged through the circle, destroying the rest with his broom, and slamming the business end into Barclay’s face. The mounding water subsided. Barclay, now awake and disoriented began scrabbling at Ion and trying to punch him until he was calmed by the group. As the circle and all runes had been destroyed there was no evidence to the group’s claims, so Barclay believes the group to be plotting against him for some unknown reason.

Feb 10th
The group heard rumors that the MacRae baby had gone missing and the Sassenach, Mr. Hayes, was suspected by most of the townsfolk. Fergus warned the group that Mr. Hayes was not to be trusted and possibly dangerous, so the group decided against talking to him. They also decided the MacRae baby might be unrelated to their case, so they proceeded through the forest (where there had been rumors of little people sightings) to the MacBain house at the base of a cliff, Creag Dhubh.

Doris peeked in the windows and didn’t see anyone inside. Ion picked the lock and the group searched the house. Luna and Neal were lookouts. Doris found a number of encoded papers as well as 5 of MacBain’s musings on the occult (each takes ~1 week to read), and a crumbling copy of True Magick (TBA to read). She and Arthur took the books back to the inn to read. Each got 1/2 a day of reading in.

Anthony cleaned all the dirty dishes and took 1/2 a bottle of whiskey as payment.

Ion found a list of names under the chair, which the group spent a long time debating the meaning of: D. MacBain, F. MacInnes, W. MacMurdo, T. Hayes, J. MacQuarrie, A. MacGillivray, I. MacLennan, M. MacNair, A. MacQuarrie, W. Wassle.

Barclay searched the bedroom and found Henry’s monogrammed watch. He also found a secret passage leading into the cliff face. The group lit candles and ventured into the dark tunnel. The group found two large caverns with pathways branching off them. One cavern was filled with large vertical shafts that had a kind of mucus around the edges. Exploring the other cavern, the group found an altar, stairs leading up and stairs leading down. The group heard lots of footsteps coming from below, though they didn’t seem to be coming up the stairs. Ion heard voices at the top of the steps, so the group decided not to go that way, either. In one room filled with human remains, Ion and Barclay found a box containing a live infant. Barclay was able to soothe the baby to sleep before it became too distraught. In another passage, Neal found some kind of alien firearm filled with glowing mercury. Anthony found a reserve of jerky, Neal identified as human jerky. Anthony kept it for later. And Barclay found the final piece of the disk. Anthony took the baby so Barclay could carry the disk fragment.

As the group finally found the passage that led back to the surface, the baby began to cry. Anthony wasn’t able to soothe the baby or muffle its cry before the sound echoed away into the distance. The group began to run. They heard shouting coming from ahead, but it turned out to be from a side passage. They continued on and the shouting ceased from behind. They burst out into the MacBain house and straight into Duncan MacBain, who had a shotgun. Barclay was hit in the face by the barrel of the gun as Duncan dodged his punch. Neal narrowly missed getting shot in the face as his punch connected with Duncan. Ion followed up with a mighty swing of his broom that laid Duncan out. Anthony grabbed the shotgun and rushed for the exit. Ion and Barclay felt a rumbling in the earth. Ion rushed to the exit and ran for the forest, followed by Neal and Luna. Barclay quickly searched Duncan for clues and found two extra 20g shotgun shells. He ran out of the house as the rumbling got louder. He almost made it to the forest when the cliff behind him exploded outward. Surprised, Barclay stumbled and turned to see what had happened.

In the red light of sunset, a huge gray-black pulpy mass of tentacles with a sack on top that may have contained ganglia rushed towards the fleeing party. Shocked by the sight, Barclay froze and began to quake with fear. Five of the tentacles shot towards Barclay, but, luckily, 4 of the tentacles narrowly missed giving Barclay a good fighting chance of survival! Unfortunately, one tentacle managed to snake its way into Barclay’s nostrils, crunching into his skull, and wrapping itself around his brainstem. After lifting him off the ground several feet (by the brain!), the tentacle proceeded down his spinal column, slurping out his soft internal organs and fluids as it went. Barclay’s final sensation was of the inside of his feet and legs tearing upwards towards his chest.

Sated by its snack, the beast flicked Barclay off its tentacle towards the team. The husk of Barclay smashed into a tree near Neal and Luna, cracking the tree and smashing apart into a spray of bone fragment and residual skin meat that spattered them as they ran. Luckily, the group was able to outpace the beast who eventually burrowed into the ground and gave up the chase. Realizing that Barclay had been carrying the final disk fragment, Neal ran back to find it. He managed to avoid the Serpent people who had flooded out of the cliff hunting intruders and found the fragment along with a 20g shell.

Anthony and Ion, unsure of who to trust and not wanting to answer questions, ding-dong ditched the baby on the porch of the MacRae parents who looked thrilled to have their baby back.

Unsure of what to do with the disk fragments, the team went back to see Henry. With Henry’s help, the group was able to repair the disk, but all viewers (Neal, Luna, and Ion) were drawn into the moving images on its face. Ion, now verging on complete insanity, was able to understand some of the meaning of the disk images and to speak with Henry. Really, after considering the matter, he realized Henry was the only one who understood Ion, too. The disk appeared to be part of a means of raising the ancient city of R’lyeh. The disk described the location of the city and gave instructions for raising it. To raise the city a few additional components are required but the disk doesn’t specify what those other components are. In addition, the disk provides a way to sink R’lyeh should it be raised by some other means. Henry told Ion that the cultists must not be allowed to have the disk and that they would now be hunting for the party. The team decided to take Henry’s car and leave town that night for London.

Not wanting to head directly back to London and needing to obtain another car to fit the whole party, it took 6 days for the group to return to London (remember that there were no highways, only winding, unfamiliar, one car-width country roads, and the group is freaked out, trying to lose any tails, and is having to coordinate a two car caravan), so the group arrives in London the evening of Feb 16th.

Head Shrinker

Feb 8th
At breakfast, Margaret MacNair introduces the group to her brother Angus. Angus worked for Henry from the beginning of the dig project. After gaining Angus’ trust, he took them on a tour of the highlands and explained that he had reservations about Henry and Adam’s disappearance and gave the group info on how the dig had progressed. The group noticed that they were being followed and confronted the follower, another traumatized dig staffer named Andrew Kennedy. Angus reassured Andrew that the group was working to find Henry and Adam, so Andrew told the party that he had seen a slimy kraken near the dig site shortly before the disappearance of Henry and Adam. Andrew then returned to his room to finish preparations to leave town.

The group then spoke to Doctor Lorne MacParlan. He had a portion of manuscript that outlined an ancient Roman expedition to this same area. The Romans had been tracking someone named Belphegor. He also told the group about a type of serpent people who were rumored to live here long ago.

Spent the rest of the day reading Henry’s diaries.

Meanwhile, Sir Arthur Vane and his valet Anthony decided to pursue the party. Sir Arthur just couldn’t stand waiting around for someone else to send a cure. Lawrence won’t leave for India for a while, so he can take care of Eloise until then. In the meantime, Sir Arthur thinks traveling with the party provides the best chance of finding a (non-lethal) cure. He and Anthony travel to London as they understand that to be the group’s base of operations in the UK. There, they learned from Mahoney that the group had gone up to Scotland instead. After a furry orgy at the Explorer’s Club (?!) they proceeded north. Just which types of animals they are remains to be seen (character development potential!).

Feb 9th
The team drove to the dig site. They found Adam’s remains buried in the rubble. Neal found a centurion helm that he now wears as well as a star stone pendant. The group uncovered writings that indicate this may have been a place where things worshipped “the daemon sultan”. One of the buildings being uncovered had a faceless sphinx, which Doris identified as a form of Nyarlathotep. Throughout the site were human and serpent/humanoid remains.

In one of the buildings, the group found the second piece of the gold disk. On the way back to the inn, the group finished Henry’s diaries:
1) Documented the worm ambush in Africa. Suggests the worms are intelligent, can burrow, and have an aversion to light.
2) Documented the interpersonal prelude to the worm attack. Some of the dig members had been in a trance and had led the group into the worm burrow.
3) Henry’s encounter with a horrible flying horse reptile. It makes a hoarse shrieking sound.
4) African rumors of flying serpents.
5) African rituals involving head shrinking. Ion learned the shrinking spell from it and learned it could be used to shrink or grow objects of religious significance. Learned that Henry had grown his disk fragment to make it too unwieldy to steal. The shrinking spell gets things to 25% of their previous size or grows them to 400% of their size.

Ion shrank Henry’s fragment twice in order to make it more portable.

Barclay investigated the “French woman” mentioned in Henry’s letters. She was identified by the townsfolk as Anne Chantraine, a 17-year old woman who has apparent romantic relations with the wealthiest farmer in the area, Ian MacLennan. They weren’t home, but Barclay met an old man who lives in a lean-to behind Ian’s barn, Willie Wassle. He wasn’t terribly coherent, but he seemed to admire Anne, Ian, and “the great Azadod”. A quick prowl of their home turned up nothing suspicious.

Arthur and Anthony arrive in town and join the party.

That night, Barclay began sleep-walking again. The other men in the room tried to stop him but were knocked back…

Scotland, Scotland

Feb 4th
The troop decides to head to Scotland to follow-up on the Hancock letters. On the way, they stop over to make sure the victim attacked by the werewolf is not infected. He seems fine, and there have been no incidents.

Feb 5th,6th
In Inverness, Doris, Neil and Luna visit the library and discover that Henry Hancock made a recent land purchase outside of Cannich, but otherwise find nothing else. Ion manages to track down an old issue of The Sun, which states that Adam encountered a huge blood sucking worm while in Africa and was coming to Scotland with Jacob Hancock.

Feb 7th
The gang heads on to Cannich. The first stop is the Kingshead Inn. Luna charms Fergus into letting out 2 rooms for the low-low price of 25 Pound for 2 nights. Fergus says that the archeological dig site is quite busy with people coming to dig and end up buying property. He doesn’t recall a French woman working at the site but he knows that the MacQuary brothers, Andrew and Jamie, do some of the heavy lifting and worked with the Hancocks.

Barclay and Ion head over to Henry Hancock’s house after getting the address from Fergus. Ion breaks into the back door and they begin to search the basement.

Luna, Doris & Neil stay at the bar to drink and talk to Margret, the barmaid. She recalls that the diggers were looking for star stones, but oddly has trouble remembering details. Margret was taken by one of the American’s but can’t remember exactly who it was. When she’s prompted with the name Henry, she suddenly passes out. Doris manages to stir her and she seems genuinely confused and embarrassed and excuses herself. Luna, Doris & Neil leave to meet up with Ion and Barclay.

The house is two stories with a large basement. The basement is made up of a junk room, a trophy room and a study, which has been ransacked. The main floor has the kitchen, living room with strange antiques, dinning room with painting of Henry Hancock, library, and a small unused bedroom. Upstairs, the master bedroom was ransacked and someone fired through the door from the inside. Ion found the destroyed elephant gun. After exploring and searching the house, some clues are uncovered.

Ion and Luna notices that the trajectory of gunshot should have produced two bullet holes, but there is only on in the wall. Luna noticed that a bit of panel has been replaced and discovers a hidden crawl space with the horribly dismembered body of Henry Hancock. Neil determined that the body was initially sawed apart, but then ripped apart. This was similar to the way the gun was destroyed, with the barrel was completely ripped away. Doris finds 4 books written by Hancock chronicling his understanding of the occult, but nothing about the r’lyeh disk Belthagore. Barclay, Neil, and Luna then find a secret room in the trophy room. Inside was an iron box on a wooden table. The box had two locks and wax covering them. With some encouragement from Luna, Ion attempted to and successfully unlocked both locks at the same time. Inside was the R’lyeh disk, with glowing gems.Neil decides to stay at the Hancock house while the rest of the team stays the night at the Inn to keep appearances up.

At about 9:00 pm, Neil sees a man who’s feet trail off into mist. He has big gaping wounds at his shoulders and chest, dripping blood. The ghost attacks Neil, sucking out his soul. Neil manages to break away and convinces the ghost of Hancock that he is trying to help. With nods and shakes, Niel figures out that he needs to burry Hancock’s body. And after some painful trials of communication, Neil convinces the ghost that he and his friends will keep the disk safe.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
Spooky Scary

(This entry is in the form of an outline since I didn’t take notes during the session. Apologies.)

February 2
The party met with Edith Osgood (wife of George Osgood) and learned George shot the beast.

They met with John Parkins (father of Lydia Parkins). John “saw” Lawrence
Vane leaving the scene of his daughter’s death. But the group realized that he is bitter about the aristocracy and is simply laying the blame on his favorite scapegoat. Down with the aristocracy!

The group went back to the Reverend’s and stole his books.

Doris spent the evening reading the books. Ion and Doris heard the beast
shrieking in the distance. Neil, Luna and Barclay met Lawrence Vane in
the pub. Impressed Lawrence with their adventurousness and invited to
the Vane’s for supper tomorrow.

February 3
Returned the books to the reverend and confided in him about Eloise. He
impressed upon the party the need for discretion until the exact malady
was discovered as well as a cure in order to avoid fanning the flames of
class warfare beginning in the town. He gave them some holy water and
offered his services as an amateur exorcist.

Went to the Vane’s for supper. Luna spotted two men carrying a young
unconscious woman into the castle. During the after dinner brandy, Ion
and Doris convinced the Vane’s that they believe and know something of
werewolves. Neil offered his medical services for any condition. The
Vanes, desperate for any help and impressed by the group’s courage and
knowledge explain the curse of the Vanes. The party looked in on Eloise.
She has red irises, black fur and smokes slightly, which makes her
harder to see and she doesn’t immediately need to avoid silver coins
they threw on the floor. Ion remembered folk remedies involving
wolfsbane, cutting out the beast, and exorcism, but all of those result
in death for the victim. The Vanes are searching for a way to cure
Eloise while keeping her alive. The party promised to keep their eyes open.

Also, Ion mailed some old wise women back home to ask if they knew of
any cures. And the third victim, Harold, may have been infected and
could be spreading the curse throughout Norfolk. The Vanes think that is
unlikely because then the Vanes wouldn’t be the only ones with the curse
in Lesser-Edale, right?

Tally Ho

January 31
The ship docked in the early morning and Barclay offered beds in the servants quarters at Rutledge Estate.

Luna and Neil first went to Scotland yard in an attempt to follow up on Elias’ lead, but they were promptly turned away. They then went to the “Scoop” newspaper headquarters and spoke with Mickey (last name?) about the Carlisle expeditions and Elias’ interests in in. Mikey recalled that Elias had uncovered some dark, or evil organizations and he hoped Luna and Neil would feed him information or photos as they came across it. He also gave them 3 “Scoop” stories that Elias had been interested in. One was about the artist Miles Shiply, one was about a mysterious beast who gruesomely killed two people, and the last was about the 24th victim in a span of 3 years found in the river Thames.

Meanwhile, Doris, Ion, and Barclay visit the Penhew Foundation, an organization the sponsors Egyptian research. The building was quite large, with many spaces, some libraries, some exhibits, and some just small offices. As they waited to speak to Edward Gavigan, Doris looked through the public library and saw many books about Egypt. When the finally did speak to Gavigan, they learn that Gavigan had spoken to Elias and told them what he told Elias. Roger had fallen in love with an African woman who claimed there was a dig site in Egypt and convinced the Foundation to fund the expedition, however once they got there, she absconded with their money and left them stranded. Hypatia Masters recommended they go to Kenya where it was cooler and to get over the loss. Gavigan suspected that all the expedition notes concerning Egypt or any of the Carlisle expedition are still with Rogers, who he assumed is dead. After Gavigan showed the three some of the exhibition hall, he became offended that Barclay brought up how it might be considered beneficial to the Penhew Foundation that Aubrey Penhew died and so he asked everyone to leave.On the way back to the Rutledge Estate, Ion thought he noticed someone following them, but he could not be sure.

February 1
The team traveled to Lesser-Edale to follow up on the second “Scoop” story about the beast that had killed by shredding. At the Laughing Horse Pub, Neil bought a round of beer for everyone and managed to get the locals talking. One said the monster was actually just a dog, while another man says Harold short, a survivor, was convinced it had wings. Unfortunately, Harold had gone to stay in Norfolk to recover. One of the other victims, Lydia Perkins, had been attacked near her home and Laurence Vane had been spotted nearby on the night of the attack. The team also learned that the victims are survived by some family, but the locals preferred no one bother them since they had already been questioned extensively by detectives. Pathologist from Darby was sent to view the bodies and declared that they had been attacked by a dog, but many locals disagreed. Although the “winged dogs” haven’t been seen since, people noticed that the Vicar had been acting strange, locking himself away and praying all night.

Ion, Niel, Doris and Barclay visited the Vicar and end up praying with him. He seemed somewhat agitated and claimed to be very busy. The four of them noticed in his room a book titled “The Order of the Golden Druid” and Doris managed to see that he was working on translating an Greek journal from 1543 into English. However, when Doris tried to take “The Order of the Golden Druid” the Vicar noticed and kicked everyone one.

Everyone but Ion and Neil returned to the Laughing Horse. Ion and Neil intended to dig up the grave of on of the victims, but the Vicar didn’t turn his lights up until roughly 3:00am. In the end, they left empty handed.

Back at the pub/inn, they decide that in the morning, some of them should follow up with Laurence Vane at Castle Plum, since he may be distantly related to the Carlisles through Abner Vane Carel, who changed his name after immigrating to the US. The other group will go hunting for the winged dogs, since Neil payed a local 7 pounds to take him.

Closing Cruise Days

January 29
The morning after the attack, Doris volunteered to write up a report and send it back to Jonah Kensington. Neil initially stays in bed, feeling somewhat paranoid from his experience with professor Alvin Paterson. In the afternoon, Neil and Ion went to the lounge, where Neil complemented Hargrove Thorpe’s heroic baseball-like actions during the attack. Ion then headed below decks, and after speaking with some passengers, discovered that everyone thought only the Russian priest was staying in the room. Ion also learned that one of the Russian body guards had questioned the passengers briefly and searched the room the previous night. Barclay visited Professor Felix Fuda’s room to get a little more detail about his plans. Fuda is fleeing to Egypt where he has friends and will be able to study some ancient texts. He also confirmed that John Scott and Carl Sanford had been alive for much longer than is normal, but he hadn’t found documentation like Doris had. Luna returned to the bowels of the ship to find the man she spoke with earlier. She bribed him with 5 whole dollars to learn what she already knew about the attack above decks, but with $2 bucks, he reveals his contact as “Frank from Deck B.”

That evening, the group attended dinner with Count Kurosov and were joined by Aimee Gouraud and Hargrove. The ate in a private suite, with 4 guards and a food taster inside the suite and 2 outside the suite. After some friendly talk about badger taxidermy between Neil and Hargrove, Kurosov revealed that Kolya, the captured attacker, had disclosed what room they had been staying in and that according to his guards, someone had already ransacked the room. As such, they suspected at least one more assailant on the ship. Neil offered his particular set of skills to try and get more information out of Kolya, but it turned out he had already been “let go.” They are instead patrolling the halls to try and find the suspect. The Count was quite taken with Luna and told her that he isn’t intending on going to London or Russia, but instead to return to Poland, but can’t say much. At about this point, Ion turned his attention to Aimee’s tattoos and she told him she lived in China about 10 years past and was also gifted an island from a Hawaiian King. Eventually, Aimee started up a drinking game with a guard and everyone joined in. While everyone was drinking, Barclay was able to take a file folder and leave the party. He later discovered the file was filled with American and British money. Back at the party, Doris nearly drank everyone under the table, barley outdrinking Aimee and Ion and the three of them retire to Aimee’s suite where good times were had all around. wink

January 30
Neil spent the day with Aimee, while Doris decided to leave and check on Professor Paterson only to discover he had hanged himself. According to the suicide note she found, Paterson had “seen too much” and requested that his books be burned. He also said the rest of his belongings should be left to his nephew (cousin?). Doris took his three books, his pocket watch and the note and returned to the room to tell Neil about the professor. Neil reported the death to the ship staff and offered to perform an autopsy. During this time, Luna visits the Count and learns more about his intentions. It turns out that the Count wants to topple the Soviet government and has the support of Poland. Luna told him that she supports his efforts and wins even more of his affection such that he offered to help Luna and her investigation not only with funds, but also with introductions or connections as needed and he gave her is contact information.

Back in the room, Neil and Doris skimed the books stolen from Patterson while Barclay observed. They decided to burn the suicide note and as they burn it, they heard someone listening at the door. Barclay nearly captured the small ship worker, but instead took only his necklace and a black stone tablet with writing on it. Barclay reported the man, and eventually he was apprehended and punished. That evening while everyone was sleeping, Ion and Doris were wakened by Barcaly’s thrashing. Barclay suddenly sat up and began walking out of the room, but Neil tackled him, only to receive a big shock. It took Barclay some time to wake from his walking dream, but all he recalled was that someone was calling out for him to come.


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