Masks of Nyarlathotep

Business Propositions

A snakelike plane; Mob mentality

January 21
In the early morning, Rocky and Timmy sneak back into the JuJu House and encounter the chanting priest. Rocky pistol whipped him and shot his ear off, and the priest used his claws to slash up Rocky’s chest before knocking the gun away. Rocky and Timmy ran, but Rocky got pulled back from behind and got bit before shaking his pursuer and hiding back in the abandoned pawn shop. A large flying snake smashed through the front of the pawn shop and tore Timmy apart as Rocky ran back into the courtyard into the arms of the angry cultists who knocked him out.

At breakfast, the group was surprised to find Barclay. He said he’d been caught snooping around the basement, and while he didn’t think there was anything of value there, the lodge members had beat him up and thrown him out. Ion informed Anthony Cowles about the lecture offer at the lodge, and he seemed excited to join the lodge.

The group went back to New York to wait for the lodge induction ceremony.

January 22
Jonah Kensington set up a meeting with Bradley Grey, the lawyer of Erica Carlyle. At the meeting, the party suggested that they had evidence that the expedition members might not be dead. Further, they suggested that those who have looked into the expedition (such as Erica) might be in danger. Bradley agreed to arrange a meeting with Erica where an information swap could occur. He’ll contact Jonah with the details.

Doris went to work and engaged David Lee with her interest in the occult. He invited her to an evening date where he could show her some things that might interest her.

Neal and Ion researched the Look to the Future organization and found an address for it.

The group went to JuJu House to follow up on that lead. Ion bought a mask to ward off evil (wooden and long with lighter wood inlay). Barclay bought a taxidermied bush baby (drinking a tea made by boiling it should make you run faster and jump higher), and Neal bought a stuffed badger whose hands are similar to a small dark-skinned child (it may protect against bees). Neal offered to send more business to JuJu House for a 5% commission on any sales.

The party then went to Fat Maybelle’s and learned about a powerful priest named Mukunga who frequents JuJu House and Ransom Court.

At her date, Doris was shown a blue pen that never seemed to require refilling and whose ink dried very quickly. It said ‘bic’ on the side of it and seemed to have bite marks near the end. He also had a sort of watch that didn’t have any hands but instead would draw numerals in lights on its face. Unfortunately, Mr. Lee seemed pretty sick and complained that he had had a headache for about a month (roughly similar to the length of time that he had had the devices). He refused to see a doctor due to the exorbitant expense, but Doris offered to bring her doctor friend, Neal, who would take a look for free provided he could see the miraculous devices.



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