Masks of Nyarlathotep

Head Shrinker

Feb 8th
At breakfast, Margaret MacNair introduces the group to her brother Angus. Angus worked for Henry from the beginning of the dig project. After gaining Angus’ trust, he took them on a tour of the highlands and explained that he had reservations about Henry and Adam’s disappearance and gave the group info on how the dig had progressed. The group noticed that they were being followed and confronted the follower, another traumatized dig staffer named Andrew Kennedy. Angus reassured Andrew that the group was working to find Henry and Adam, so Andrew told the party that he had seen a slimy kraken near the dig site shortly before the disappearance of Henry and Adam. Andrew then returned to his room to finish preparations to leave town.

The group then spoke to Doctor Lorne MacParlan. He had a portion of manuscript that outlined an ancient Roman expedition to this same area. The Romans had been tracking someone named Belphegor. He also told the group about a type of serpent people who were rumored to live here long ago.

Spent the rest of the day reading Henry’s diaries.

Meanwhile, Sir Arthur Vane and his valet Anthony decided to pursue the party. Sir Arthur just couldn’t stand waiting around for someone else to send a cure. Lawrence won’t leave for India for a while, so he can take care of Eloise until then. In the meantime, Sir Arthur thinks traveling with the party provides the best chance of finding a (non-lethal) cure. He and Anthony travel to London as they understand that to be the group’s base of operations in the UK. There, they learned from Mahoney that the group had gone up to Scotland instead. After a furry orgy at the Explorer’s Club (?!) they proceeded north. Just which types of animals they are remains to be seen (character development potential!).

Feb 9th
The team drove to the dig site. They found Adam’s remains buried in the rubble. Neal found a centurion helm that he now wears as well as a star stone pendant. The group uncovered writings that indicate this may have been a place where things worshipped “the daemon sultan”. One of the buildings being uncovered had a faceless sphinx, which Doris identified as a form of Nyarlathotep. Throughout the site were human and serpent/humanoid remains.

In one of the buildings, the group found the second piece of the gold disk. On the way back to the inn, the group finished Henry’s diaries:
1) Documented the worm ambush in Africa. Suggests the worms are intelligent, can burrow, and have an aversion to light.
2) Documented the interpersonal prelude to the worm attack. Some of the dig members had been in a trance and had led the group into the worm burrow.
3) Henry’s encounter with a horrible flying horse reptile. It makes a hoarse shrieking sound.
4) African rumors of flying serpents.
5) African rituals involving head shrinking. Ion learned the shrinking spell from it and learned it could be used to shrink or grow objects of religious significance. Learned that Henry had grown his disk fragment to make it too unwieldy to steal. The shrinking spell gets things to 25% of their previous size or grows them to 400% of their size.

Ion shrank Henry’s fragment twice in order to make it more portable.

Barclay investigated the “French woman” mentioned in Henry’s letters. She was identified by the townsfolk as Anne Chantraine, a 17-year old woman who has apparent romantic relations with the wealthiest farmer in the area, Ian MacLennan. They weren’t home, but Barclay met an old man who lives in a lean-to behind Ian’s barn, Willie Wassle. He wasn’t terribly coherent, but he seemed to admire Anne, Ian, and “the great Azadod”. A quick prowl of their home turned up nothing suspicious.

Arthur and Anthony arrive in town and join the party.

That night, Barclay began sleep-walking again. The other men in the room tried to stop him but were knocked back…



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