Masks of Nyarlathotep

Not in Scotland anymore

Broom Ninja v Butler

The party followed Barclay back to the shore near the dig site. Barclay drew a circle in the sand and filled it with runes and occult designs. Ion disrupted the circle before being chased off by Barclay, who fixed the circle and began chanting. The group watched with curiousity to see what would happen.

Luna and Neal saw the water beginning to mound up as though something huge was rising from the loch about 200 feet offshore. Ion rushed in and charged through the circle, destroying the rest with his broom, and slamming the business end into Barclay’s face. The mounding water subsided. Barclay, now awake and disoriented began scrabbling at Ion and trying to punch him until he was calmed by the group. As the circle and all runes had been destroyed there was no evidence to the group’s claims, so Barclay believes the group to be plotting against him for some unknown reason.

Feb 10th
The group heard rumors that the MacRae baby had gone missing and the Sassenach, Mr. Hayes, was suspected by most of the townsfolk. Fergus warned the group that Mr. Hayes was not to be trusted and possibly dangerous, so the group decided against talking to him. They also decided the MacRae baby might be unrelated to their case, so they proceeded through the forest (where there had been rumors of little people sightings) to the MacBain house at the base of a cliff, Creag Dhubh.

Doris peeked in the windows and didn’t see anyone inside. Ion picked the lock and the group searched the house. Luna and Neal were lookouts. Doris found a number of encoded papers as well as 5 of MacBain’s musings on the occult (each takes ~1 week to read), and a crumbling copy of True Magick (TBA to read). She and Arthur took the books back to the inn to read. Each got 1/2 a day of reading in.

Anthony cleaned all the dirty dishes and took 1/2 a bottle of whiskey as payment.

Ion found a list of names under the chair, which the group spent a long time debating the meaning of: D. MacBain, F. MacInnes, W. MacMurdo, T. Hayes, J. MacQuarrie, A. MacGillivray, I. MacLennan, M. MacNair, A. MacQuarrie, W. Wassle.

Barclay searched the bedroom and found Henry’s monogrammed watch. He also found a secret passage leading into the cliff face. The group lit candles and ventured into the dark tunnel. The group found two large caverns with pathways branching off them. One cavern was filled with large vertical shafts that had a kind of mucus around the edges. Exploring the other cavern, the group found an altar, stairs leading up and stairs leading down. The group heard lots of footsteps coming from below, though they didn’t seem to be coming up the stairs. Ion heard voices at the top of the steps, so the group decided not to go that way, either. In one room filled with human remains, Ion and Barclay found a box containing a live infant. Barclay was able to soothe the baby to sleep before it became too distraught. In another passage, Neal found some kind of alien firearm filled with glowing mercury. Anthony found a reserve of jerky, Neal identified as human jerky. Anthony kept it for later. And Barclay found the final piece of the disk. Anthony took the baby so Barclay could carry the disk fragment.

As the group finally found the passage that led back to the surface, the baby began to cry. Anthony wasn’t able to soothe the baby or muffle its cry before the sound echoed away into the distance. The group began to run. They heard shouting coming from ahead, but it turned out to be from a side passage. They continued on and the shouting ceased from behind. They burst out into the MacBain house and straight into Duncan MacBain, who had a shotgun. Barclay was hit in the face by the barrel of the gun as Duncan dodged his punch. Neal narrowly missed getting shot in the face as his punch connected with Duncan. Ion followed up with a mighty swing of his broom that laid Duncan out. Anthony grabbed the shotgun and rushed for the exit. Ion and Barclay felt a rumbling in the earth. Ion rushed to the exit and ran for the forest, followed by Neal and Luna. Barclay quickly searched Duncan for clues and found two extra 20g shotgun shells. He ran out of the house as the rumbling got louder. He almost made it to the forest when the cliff behind him exploded outward. Surprised, Barclay stumbled and turned to see what had happened.

In the red light of sunset, a huge gray-black pulpy mass of tentacles with a sack on top that may have contained ganglia rushed towards the fleeing party. Shocked by the sight, Barclay froze and began to quake with fear. Five of the tentacles shot towards Barclay, but, luckily, 4 of the tentacles narrowly missed giving Barclay a good fighting chance of survival! Unfortunately, one tentacle managed to snake its way into Barclay’s nostrils, crunching into his skull, and wrapping itself around his brainstem. After lifting him off the ground several feet (by the brain!), the tentacle proceeded down his spinal column, slurping out his soft internal organs and fluids as it went. Barclay’s final sensation was of the inside of his feet and legs tearing upwards towards his chest.

Sated by its snack, the beast flicked Barclay off its tentacle towards the team. The husk of Barclay smashed into a tree near Neal and Luna, cracking the tree and smashing apart into a spray of bone fragment and residual skin meat that spattered them as they ran. Luckily, the group was able to outpace the beast who eventually burrowed into the ground and gave up the chase. Realizing that Barclay had been carrying the final disk fragment, Neal ran back to find it. He managed to avoid the Serpent people who had flooded out of the cliff hunting intruders and found the fragment along with a 20g shell.

Anthony and Ion, unsure of who to trust and not wanting to answer questions, ding-dong ditched the baby on the porch of the MacRae parents who looked thrilled to have their baby back.

Unsure of what to do with the disk fragments, the team went back to see Henry. With Henry’s help, the group was able to repair the disk, but all viewers (Neal, Luna, and Ion) were drawn into the moving images on its face. Ion, now verging on complete insanity, was able to understand some of the meaning of the disk images and to speak with Henry. Really, after considering the matter, he realized Henry was the only one who understood Ion, too. The disk appeared to be part of a means of raising the ancient city of R’lyeh. The disk described the location of the city and gave instructions for raising it. To raise the city a few additional components are required but the disk doesn’t specify what those other components are. In addition, the disk provides a way to sink R’lyeh should it be raised by some other means. Henry told Ion that the cultists must not be allowed to have the disk and that they would now be hunting for the party. The team decided to take Henry’s car and leave town that night for London.

Not wanting to head directly back to London and needing to obtain another car to fit the whole party, it took 6 days for the group to return to London (remember that there were no highways, only winding, unfamiliar, one car-width country roads, and the group is freaked out, trying to lose any tails, and is having to coordinate a two car caravan), so the group arrives in London the evening of Feb 16th.



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